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Problem 1 of 3


Mohammed, Muuxi and Abdul each shoot an arrow at a target once. The probabilities that they each hit the target are 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 respectively.


(a) What is the probability that all three will miss the target?


(b) Shane wanted to calculate the probability that exactly two of the people hit the target. Here is his calculation:


(0.1)(0.2)(0.7) = 0.014


Explain what is wrong with his calculation and determine the correct probability.





a) this is complimentary event. that is find the compliment. 1-.1=.90 1-.2=.80 1-.3=.70


b) he had to multiple the above probabilities.


i.e. (.9)(.8)(.7)=0.504

cau'z the fundamental principal of counting says: if there is m ways to do a first thing, and n ways to do a second thing, then there are m*n ways to both things.




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