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Problem 2 of 3

A factory uses two machines to produce shovel handles. Machine A accounts for 40% of the total production while Machine B produces the rest. Machine A's production is 4% defective while Machine B's is 3% defective.


(a) Provide a diagram that illustrates this situation and indicate all probabilities.


(b) What is the probability that the factory produces a defective handle?


(c) If 5000 shovel handles are produced, how many would you expect to be defective?




A. http://am40s.pbwiki.com/f/PBWIKI.JPG




B. The probability of machine A to get a defective handles is 4%, the probability of machine B to get a defective handles is 3%, therefore by adding both probabilities we will get the probability of getting defective products in the total production. 4%+3% = 7% chance of having defective handles


C. That is 7% of total production so,

5000(0.07)= 350 are expected to be defective




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