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Problem 1 of 3


Scientists have determined that 8 parts per million (ppm) of oil in water is an acceptable level. After and oil spill, the level of oil in a spill zone rises to 900 ppm. It is known that each week the spilled oil is reduced by 40%.


(a) How many weeks will it take for the oil to be at an acceptable level? Explain how you arrived at your answer.


(b) Chemicals could be added to the spill zone at the beginning of each week to speed up the process. There are two treatments available:


__Treatment 1:__ Oil is reduced by an additional 50 ppm at a cost of $1 million per treatment.

__Treatment 2:__ Oil is reduced by an additional 10 ppm at a cost of $550 000 per treatment.


Compare treatment 1 and 2 in order to recommend a treatment, if any.

Analyze the cost and time requirements for each treatment.

Support your answer by providing the cost and time involved.



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