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Problem 2 of 3


The marks for a first year Biology course at Delta University are normally distributed. The professors decide to award final grades using the following system:


• the top 5% of studens will receive an A.

• the next 15% of students will receive a B.

• 60% of the students will receive a C.

• 15% of the students will recieve a D.

• 5% of the students will receive an F.


Jason has a final grade of 77% in the course. The mean is 64% and the standard deviation is 7%.


(a) What is Jason's z-score?


(b) Find the letter grade that Jason will get in the course.


(c) With a minimum of a B letter grade, Stephanie will maintain her basketball scholarship. What is the minimum grade, as a percent, that Stephanie must obtain in the biology course to earn a B?



a) the formula for finding Z score is z= (x-u)/Q i.e.


b) if he got 77%, then 95% is A. 1-.95=.05*100=5%. 95-15 is 80. still too high. then his letter grade must be C.




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